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  • Feedback on the project to create IT infrastructure for the Russian representative office of the global company ZPMC

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    In 2015, ZPMC began a planned entry into the Russian market. We needed to build from scratch not only all key business processes, but also the entire IT infrastructure.

    Reasons for choosing the contractor

    Having analyzed the IT companies operating on the Russian market, we opted for ALP Group. The company's successful projects with large Russian and foreign companies served as one of the reasons for choosing this contractor.

    Deadlines and project progress

    Due to coordinated work with the ALP Group project team, we have not only promptly formed and implemented clear requirements for future infrastructure and key IT services, but also provided for the purchase of necessary equipment and software within the shortest time possible.

    Project results

    As a result of the project, which was completed ahead of schedule, there modern workplaces have been provided with licensed software, work email, shared Wi-Fi, secure file storage and a server organized in due form. Also, backup data has been installed. Additionally, the ALP Group team of experts has set up a 1C server, as well as remote access to it and to file storage, in accordance with modern requirements for information security. Moreover, engineers of ALP Group have reserved Internet channels and have established clear communication with providers. They also acted as the coordinators for the installation of the video surveillance system and NAC. As a result of the project to create IT infrastructure (which was implemented within 1.5 months), we suggested that our company and ALP Group continue cooperation through IT outsourcing.

    The opinion of ZMPC representatives

    We are pleased that ALP Group has become our permanent partner. At present, its experts provide us with high-quality IT-servicing on a regular basis (APM support, server and network hardware, users consulting on technical and organizational issues, etc.). We recommend ALP Group as a reliable partner in the field of IT infrastructure to all global companies which have representatives in Russia or intend to open such representatives.

    About the customer

    ZPMC in Russia is a subsidiary company of the Chinese state machine-building ZPMC holding, headquartered in Shanghai. The company's turnover amounts to USD 5 billion per year, the number of employees is 30,000 people. ZPMC is one of the world's leading manufacturers of port facilities and marine equipment. The company's products are successfully sold in more than 90 countries around the world. The machine-building holding itself is included in one of China's largest construction and investment concerns, China Communications Construction Company, which is ranked 110 among the largest companies of the world.

    L. V. Sorokoumov