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  • Feedback from WORWAG Pharma on the work of ALP Group

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    We began to collaborate with ALP Group in 2017. The work started with the operational assessment of our IT infrastructure. Following the audit, the service company recommended to upgrade the server and network equipment. In January 2018, the specialists of ALP Group began to provide their support to our office (40 people) and remote employees (160 representatives in Russian regions). Our key requirement was high quality of IT service at a low budget, and ALP Group fully met it.

    At the end of 2018, the specialists of service company took over the handling of all IT issues arising in the company' transfer to a new office. They coordinated the installation of SCS and made sure that the new server room meets all requirements. The specialists also correctly and carefully transported, assembled and configured all equipment (servers, DSS, etc.), set up the IT infrastructure (virtualization service, print server, etc.). They organized modern workstations, helped us to choose an Internet provider, implemented IP telephony system instead of analog one (created convenient routing algorithms for incoming/outgoing calls, recorded messages for IVR system, and separately set up the secretary's telephone), created the local area network, and made sure that the network equipment was properly configured and operated without any fault.

    In the office, the specialists set up a convenient and seamless Wi-Fi connection with automatic authorization of employee workstations in the network. The connection is not broken or lost when moving from one point to another, which is very convenient.

    The employees of ALP Group perform high quality work quickly and within the established deadlines. This was the case both during the office transfer and when handling the daily technical tasks. We would like to specifically express our gratitude to our personal manager Alexey Ivanov. His precision at work, professionalism and good organizational skills are highly appreciated. 

    We recommend this company to our colleagues and partners in the pharmaceutical market.

    About the company

    WORWAG Pharma is an international pharmaceutical company based in Germany. Its product range includes prescription and over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements. The medicinal products of WORWAG Pharma are designed to treat the neurological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, complications of diabetes; they also promote women's health and support the immune system. By 2018, W?RWAG Pharma had 900 employees. The company is represented in more than 35 countries, including Germany, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Baltic States, Central Asia and Latin America.