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  • Feedback on the technical support of the work of medical representatives and office employees of the company Chiesi Pharmaceuticals

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    November 2016

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    Chiesi Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Parma (Italy) with affiliates in 25 countries, which produces original pharmaceutical products. The company invests more than 13% of turnover (over 169 million euros) in research and development. The production of Chiesi Pharmaceuticals is located in Italy, France and Brazil. The company’s branch in Russia has been operating since November 2006, and today there are 40 employees in its staff. Another 110 people are mobile employees (“field force”).

    In November 2016, the IT-management of Chiesi Pharmaceuticals decided to outsource the technical support of medical representatives in different regions of the country. The provider of IT outsourcing services was supposed to support the work of WorksPad, a mobile application that all medical representatives used, to solve all the issues immediately (with mail, documents, etc.).

    The company also planned to transfer to an external IT service provider support of office staff work - reception, registration, classification of their calls by mail and by phone, the solution of simple and complex IT incidents and problems. The staff of Chiesi Pharmaceuticals, in turn, had to focus on diverse and numerous IT projects.

    Customer support for mobile and office employees was assumed by the ALP Group. This company has been working with pharmaceutical companies for about 20 years, and it is well aware of the specifics of their business, their tasks and IT processes. It is able to operate correctly within these processes, providing high-quality IT services within the SLA.

    The ALP Group consistently, according to the agreed-upon plan, transferred firstly medical representatives (the 1st and the 2nd, the expert line covering more complicated issues) for support. And after that, established technical support for office users (the 1st and the 2nd lines). A gradual transfer was very important, and no specialist of the company - working remotely or in the office in Moscow - should have felt the changes in their daily work. It is important that the ALP Group had already had its own Service Desk system, into which IT specialists of Chiesi Pharmaceuticals were instantly integrated, that let the most vivid and productive interaction of the parties start from the very beginning - tracking user applications, the rapid escalation of the most important IT requests, etc.

    In February 2017, the ALP Group took on the support of two more services critical for the business of the pharmaceutical company: the 1C application and the electronic document management system. Chiesi Pharmaceuticals took them “in the cloud” to increase the reliability of their work and resistance to possible failures. Contrary to popular belief, the work of applications and systems in the cloud environment needs to be monitored as closely as in the traditional one.

    ALP Group specialists are well able to cope with the tasks set, as all their actions are properly planned and organized. And the technological part is carefully thought out.

    They rely on detailed statistics of the work of the company’s systems and services and on feedback from users. None, even the smallest request for IT services, is lost or ignored. Both medical representatives and the team in the office are happy.

    I recommend ALP Group as a qualified and professional IT partner who precisely understands the specifics of the work and needs of both global pharmaceutical companies and their local representative offices.

    IT Director of Chiesi Pharmaceuticals
    Pavel Karasev